About the Artist

About the Artist

My name is Jenna Lutz, and I am the artist behind the art.

As a child, I always seemed to be busy drawing. I knew I wanted to be an artist long before I was asked by my First Grade teacher. As a young adult, my artwork is an expression of how I see the world around me, in all of its detail and perplexity. When the world is fast and and chaotic, artwork captures the beauty of a single moment.

I found a passion for equine artistry, as that is what surrounds me most in life. As an equestrian and amateur jockey, I can appreciate the massive power and energy that moves a horse and rider as one. As an artist, it is my job to capture that intensity in time.

Every piece of artwork that leaves the studio leaves with the full expression of the artist, as well as the essence of moment.

Honour the moment!