About the Artist

My name is Jenna, and I am the artist behind the Jenna Rianne Artistry.
I found a passion for equine artistry at 16 years old, as that was what surrounded me most in life at the time. That passion evolved over time, but my focus always surrounded the emotional atmosphere that horses seemed to create.
I started working as a professional artist when I was 20 years old, after travelling to meet some of the top horse racing jockeys in North America. While talking to these influential riders and watching some of the best horses in North America exercise in front of me, I was moved. I realized I wanted to make equine artistry my life.
Today, I focus on creating artwork that captures the moments that have taken my breath away. As an equestrian, I can appreciate the powerful rhythm and balance that moves a horse as he runs as hard as he can, as well as the tranquil quiet during a break in the morning chores. As an artist, I take these moments and capture them with my paintbrush.